Published 10:22 am Saturday, March 1, 2014

In today’s culture, we often refer to those we idolize or look up to as heroes. In fact, the word hero is so casually and frequently tossed around that its true meaning has in many ways become diminished. Athletes, entertainers, political leaders – even those whose sole contribution to society is their own notoriety – are labeled as heroes by a society more enamored with fame than character. Yet sometimes we are given a refresher course in what it truly means to be a hero.

On Wednesday, Sergeant Todd Lyons and Officer Quentin Livingston of the Franklin Police Department provided such a reminder.

While on a routine call to investigate a domestic issue on Bracey Street in Franklin, they noticed another home on the street was on fire. Upon learning that the resident of the home was still inside, the two rushed toward the building in order to pull her out. Neither are trained firefighters, nor were they wearing any sort of protective gear. But they went in anyway, through the smoke and the flames that were engulfing the home. When they reached the woman inside, she was not breathing. Lyons and Livingston pulled her from the burning structure. Livingston performed CPR until she again began to breathe.

Sergeant Lyons and Officer Livingston literally saved her life.

By any definition, they are heroes. Even though, like most true heroes, they’ll likely never admit to it.