Garbage fee collection by power companies!

Published 10:25 am Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To the Editor:

Like others in Southampton County, I am totally against the garbage fee. Now our elected officials (Delegate Roslyn Tyler) has introduced a bill in the House of Delegates to have the fee for garbage collection added to our power company bills. Sooner or later, the power companies will charge us a fee for taking out the garbage fee. I feel this fee should NOT be  added to my power bill, and it should be sent out once a year like it is now. Southampton  County wanted residents to pay their personal taxes early last year to pay for bills that  were due. Apparently, monies that Southampton is receiving from taxes and fees are not being managed in a responsible manner. Why should taxpayers be forced to pay their garbage fees monthly? What’s next? To have everyone pay their personal  property taxes monthly?

One way for the County and School board to cut costs is to turn off inside and outside lights at the four elementary schools and the high school/middle school complex. This has been done in other cities. It has reduced the number of burglaries that occur. This  is due to the fact that criminals would need some kind of lighting. By using lighting, it would allow them to be more visible by the law enforcement while they are on  patrol.

John E. Tatem Jr.