Franklin man dies in crash

Published 12:21 pm Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SUFFOLK—A Franklin man has died after his vehicle crashed into a pond in the 900 block of South Quay Road on Wednesday morning.

Daniel Post, 53, has been identified as the victim.

Suffolk emergency dispatchers received a call at 5:57 a.m. from a man who told them that his Dodge Dakota pickup had run off the road and was submerged in a body of water, but he did not know his exact location, according to Diana Klink, a city spokeswoman.

Dispatchers “were able to get a ping from the cell phone tower to determine an approximate location,” Klink stated in a press release, and emergency crews from the Suffolk Police Department, Virginia State Police, Southampton County Sheriff’s Office, Franklin Police Department and Isle of Wight Sheriff’s office began searching for the location of the crash.

Suffolk Police consequently found a set of tire tracks that led to a small pond on South Quay Road, according to Klink. The driver of the vehicle was found dead.