Let’s talk about…televsion

Published 11:13 am Friday, February 7, 2014

by Rachel Hancock

TV shows. I know that there could be a few parents out there that do not want their children watching a lot of TV, and at times I must agree. I don’t like the idea of children watching TV all day, when they could be doing something outside. But nowadays TV is an even bigger part of everyday life, and not knowing what is going on the latest popular TV shows can get you picked on.

Now if you do not have a problem letting your children watch TV, then I’m guessing that the rest of the column is for you. My mother and I share the love of watching “Downton Abby” together every Sunday. I feel that it brings us just a bit closer, because we are both wondering what will happen next, and our thoughts on what the people are doing. My father and I like to watch “The Walking Dead” because we like the zombies, while my mother doesn’t, so we can share that bond of enjoying a show by ourselves.

I believe you should find something, even if it is not a TV show, which you and your child can both enjoy together. The mutual jokes or references that you together know about is the best feeling in the world. My friends and I love to give mentions to our favorite shows and it always makes me smile, sometimes longer than when I get an A on a math test.

TV shows, I believe, are one of the best things that can bind people together. TV shows tell you something about a person and they help you find others who may have other common interests. But not only could you find new friends with TV shows, but all the people who like the show go through the same excitement when a new episode comes out, or something intense happens to a character.

That is when Tumblr comes into the equation. Tumblr, pages on Facebook, Twitter feeds, or other places on the Internet like to come out with things called fandoms. These fandoms are a place where people who like a TV show or a book or even a person, come together and gush about their love of the subject. This is another thing you can talk to your child about, talk about theories that fandoms come up with, or make your own fandom and share your love with the world.

This is one of the reasons why the Internet is a great thing to society, it brings people together who otherwise would have never met. So even if you don’t want your child to sit on the couch all day, that does not mean you can’t let them see some sort of TV show that all of the family can enjoy together.

I know that not all of the popular TV shows are right for the younger children, but I can assure you that there is something that is prefect for all of you. And, hopefully, it will bring more smiles and more conversations within your household.

Rachel Hancock lives in Sedley and is a junior at Southampton High School.