Napoleon and Emily Crocker married for 65 years

Published 9:49 am Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Emily and Napoleon Crocker will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary today, Jan. 29.

Emily and Napoleon Crocker will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary today, Jan. 29.

Celebrating a half a century plus 15; yes, we are talking 65 years. On Jan. 29, 1949, Napoleon Crocker and Emily Wright Crocker said, “I do … till death do us part.” Marriage vows are a husband’s and wife’s promise one to another that they will love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. “Till death do us part, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health” are promises meant to last a lifetime. The journey for Napoleon and Emily has been richer and poorer. Sickness and health have also been part of their journey. It takes a strong commitment and devotion to stay married for practically your whole lifetime. Their story is a blessing that is worth sharing and celebrating.

They are quite the couple: Mom is short and lovely; Dad is handsome and tall. To their union in marriage they were blessed with five children and five grandchildren. If I were to ask them what has helped them remain together all these years, my mom would quickly say, “Where was I going to go?” Then on a serious note, she would begin to share, as would my dad, the things that have kept them together these 65 years. Their list would go something like this:

• Put God first, read your bible and pray daily.

• Have faith in God and trust Him for everything.

• Know and honor your role as husband and wife.

• Be patient and trust God to always work things out.

• Humble yourself and God will exalt you.

• Help each other with things they can’t do for themselves.

• Have a shared routine centered around meals.

• Stay young at heart with your own unique interests and activities.

• Make adjustments based on life situations and circumstances.

• Have oatmeal, breakfast meat, eggs, toast and coffee for breakfast each morning.

Dad and Mom, I thank God for you and your example of marriage. I am excited to celebrate your 65 years of marriage and I look forward to celebrating many more. I pray and wish for you many more years of happiness, peace, joy and great health. Please know that you mean the world to all of your family and friends. You are loved my all. Happy 65th anniversary.