Fight the garbage fee

Published 11:05 am Friday, January 31, 2014

To the Editor:

I often wonder what happens to politicians between the time they run to our homes and put up signs wanting us to vote for them and the time they win and get in office. Whatever happens, they soon forget what his or her job really is as an elected official. The last time I checked, they were elected to represent their constituents, something the Southampton Board of Supervisors forgot as well when they passed this mess of a solid waste fee, even though there was overwhelming public opposition. After talking to my representative, Dr. [Alan] Edwards, who informed me that he didn’t like the fee, but voted for it anyway, it really left me scratching my head.

Well, the measure was passed anyway and the majority of the citizens that filled Southampton High School to express their disapproval went on home and pulled out their checkbooks and paid a FEE, never looking into the legalities behind the fee, especially after the Southampton Board of Supervisors used their “muscle,” commonly known as the Treasurer’s Office, to enforce the $200 fee by threatening to levy all sorts of tactics to try and collect this fee as IF it was a tax. Shameful. The people of this county could have sent this mess back to where it belongs…in the garbage, if the fight would have continued.

Now, here comes Delegate Roslyn Tyler with a new bill (HB62), which ask the General Assembly for the authorization to give Southampton County the ability to enter agreements with power companies that would people the option to have a $16.67 a month fee added to their electric bill. What? Enough of this! Now, she wants to include the power companies in this mess? I am sure if this passes, the power companies will charge another fee in addition to your electric charges. Del. Tyler needs to know that the majority of her constituents did not want this fee to start with.

After all, aren’t we the people that are supposed to be who she is working for to ease some of our daily burdens? If something stinks, don’t tell me to try not to smell it, let me know what it is so I can get away from it or get rid of it.

I would tell everyone that thinks this solid waste fee is garbage [to] ask questions. Fight. Don’t be afraid to be defiant. I would tell the Southampton Board of Supervisors this: If you want to go into the garbage business, charge people according to how they use the trash sites, you know, pay as you go, like other fees that exist. Simple. Stop all this nonsense and listen to the people that you are suppose to represent. Maybe it will start to smell better in this county.

Ricky L. Johnson Sr.