Is there a university somewhere in the country teaching stupidity?

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, January 15, 2014

To the Editor:

I have been thoroughly disappointed with the performance of the Republican-controlled Congress for the past four or more years without question. However, just as I was beginning to build up a slight bit of confidence in at least one Republican, the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie—because he had shown some semblance of intelligence in a few actions he had taken and some statements made—wow! If he is found to be responsible for this very stupid decision that somebody made, he has blown the roof top off all the building blocks of confidence and trust that anyone was trying hard to build.

What is wrong with so many of the Republicans aspiring to high offices or that are already in office? Are their constituents happy and pleased with their performance? Do they believe they are being correctly and fairly represented? Do they support the nonperformance of Congress for no logical reason than to repeatedly try more than 20 times to repeal the “Affordable Health Care Plan,” which they have renamed “Obama Health Care Plan?” Don’t they ever stop to really “THINK?” It appears they have not as yet read the full affordable health plan, which accounts for their lack of understanding it.

Here again, we have people being fired, resigning and pleading the Fifth Amendment because apparently they are afraid to tell their story or admit their involvement. Regardless of who is to blame, it is the most un-thoughtful thing the dumbest person could have done. Could anyone believe disrupting the lives of thousands of people, in a situation as important as routine daily travel would go unquestioned? Remember all involved, there’s a famous quote made by William Cullen Bryant, “Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again.”

Ruby H. Walden