The best and worst films of the year – Part 2

Published 10:17 am Wednesday, January 8, 2014

by Lauren Bradshaw

In the last installment, I went through my top 15 best films of the year. In this installment, I will go through my top 10 of the worst films of 2013, and also the most overrated and most underrated film. What were some of your favorites/least favorites this year? Make sure to let me know if you agree/disagree by tweeting me @flickchickdc!

Worst Movies of the Year

10) Movie 43

Although I love Kate Winslet, and it pains me to give a movie she is associated with a negative review, I would not be being honest with myself (or you) if I did not include “Movie 43” in my “worst of” list. While Winslet and Hugh Jackman’s sketch at the beginning of the movie was genuinely funny (and the best part of the film), it all goes down hill from there. No wonder none of the actors promoted the film.

9) Broken City

Yawn. This was one of the first movies I ever reviewed this year. Thankfully I didn’t let its incredible dullness turn me off from writing movie reviews for the rest of the year.

8) The Counselor

While this may not be one of the WORST films of the year, I put it on my list because it’s the most disappointing. I had been looking forward to this movie since I first saw the trailer and even with an extraordinary cast and director, “The Counselor” was boring, unnecessarily confusing, and not a film I ever want to see again.

7) Runner, Runner

First of all, I can’t stand Justin Timberlake’s constant overacting (though I am a super fan of his music). Too bad this is the movie in which I decided to give him a second chance. Unfortunately for its stars, “Runner, Runner” is the poor man’s version of “Rounders.” Also, what the hell was Ben Affleck doing taking a role in this film?

6) The Host

I love Saoirse Ronan and think she’s extremely talented. However, “The Host” is terrible. Maybe I just can’t stomach Stephanie Meyers’ ridiculous books/screenplays, but this was one version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” I never want to see again.

5) R.I.P.D.

As Jeff Bridges put it, “I was underwhelmed.” This is actually an extreme understatement for what I thought after I finished watching “R.I.P.D.”

As much as it tries, this film is nowhere close to “Men in Black.” It mostly left me wondering, “How did this film get made?!”

4) A Good Day To Die Hard

Please stop ruining what was once a good thing, Bruce Willis. In “A Good Day To Die Hard,” the jokes are stale, the storyline and action are as ridiculous as ever, and I am once again reminded why I stopped looking forward to Bruce Willis movies, especially those with “Die Hard” in the title.

3) After Earth

I think “After Earth” is the biggest fail of the year. Will Smith thought this film was going to be so popular, it would create an empire (sequels, video games, comic books, etc…). Let’s be real, with the terrible CGI, ridiculous accents and awful storyline, all it created was a head ache for viewers and an easy target for movie critics like myself. This is not the movie M. Night Shyamalan wanted for his big comeback.

2) The Big Wedding

How did the movie studio/filmmaker get all of these wonderful actors to agree to participate in such a terrible movie? Maybe they just wanted to work together, but why make us all suffer through this crap? “The Big Wedding” is painfully unfunny and borderline offensive throughout every scene. Not to mention, it’s completely predictable, and I don’t understand why the screenwriter decided to go for an R rating. I haven’t cringed so much in a movie this year as I did in “The Big Wedding.” Did the actors read the script beforehand?

1) Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

In my entire life, I have never stopped watching a movie before it was over. “Mortal Instruments” almost made me break that streak. I was so bored throughout the entire film, it made my experience at the movies painful. I won’t lie; I usually love films geared toward teenagers, but this was too much for even me. The fact that the studio is in talks for making a sequel gives me nightmares.

Most Overrated Movie Of The Year- All Is Lost

From the acting to the storyline, “All Is Lost” is the definition of “overrated” this season. This is the same story I have seen countless times on The Discovery Channel’s show “I Shouldn’t Be Alive;” a man’s ship sinks and he must try to survive on a life raft.

There is nothing new to this story, and there isn’t even a volleyball named Wilson! Although the film’s star (actually, he’s the only character in the movie), Robert Redford, is getting buzz for an Oscar, I think that is completely unfounded. He was just okay in the movie and nothing out of the ordinary… especially in such a crowded race.

Most Underrated Film- You’re Next

This film JUST missed the cut for my best movies of 2013. Not your average horror movie, “You’re Next” does a great job blending humor, horror genre tropes and downright scariness.

Like I’ve said before, I am also always a sucker for a kick ass female character, and in “You’re Next,” Erin (Sharni Venson) reminds me of the heroines of the late 70’s (think Ripley from “Alien” and Laurie from “Halloween”).

I cannot say more nice things about this movie. Whenever someone asks me for movie suggestions, this is always at the top of the list.