Franklin Educational Foundation donates $3,140 to schools

Published 10:56 am Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Franklin High School band and the special education class of Orline Turner will soon benefit from some monies donated by the Franklin City Educational Foundation.

The foundation donated $2,500 to Lillian Garcia, S.P. Morton and Franklin High School band director, so that she could purchase some instruments and music related items. Turner received $640 for the purchase of kitchen wares and food to help special education students learn skills in preparing food.

Jim Jervey, president of the FCEF, said for the foundation’s board that they all wish they could do more.

“Whenever we are able to help out, we definitely want the kids to be able to take advantage of some things they normally would not be able to take advantage of,” he said. “With the help of their teachers, they are able to.”

Jervey said that the board is happy about what they can do, and that they are looking to do more in the near future.

“We are going to roll up sleeves and work on fundraising activities in the next few months,” he said. “So we can replenish and add on to our monies to be able to help our students out some more.”

On Thursday, Dec. 19, the school board unanimously voted to increase the 2013-2014 budget by $3,140.

In other news, the school board also unanimously accepted a $1,000 grant award for the Career Switcher New Teacher Mentor Program. The grant will help with mentoring a first-year teacher who holds a provisional career switcher license in the division.