IOW schools making strides for ecology

Published 9:19 am Friday, November 29, 2013

ISLE OF WIGHT—The Isle of Wight County School system is doing its part for conservation and ecology, and even getting recognition.

Kenita Bowers, school spokeswoman, stated first in a press release that IWCS has gone from gold to certified platinum in the 2013 Virginia School Board Association’s Green Schools Challenge. IWCS was certified gold last year and won first place in the Student Population 5,001-10,000 category.

The division was one of 38 recognized this year in the competition.

“We are excited to be a certified green school division again this year,” said IWCS Supt. Katrise Perera. “Our staff continues to make great efforts in conserving energy and being more environmentally friendly, which has a positive impact in our community.”

The challenge is intended to be a friendly contest that encourages putting into practice specific environmental policies and practical actions, such as reducing the carbon emissions generated by both the local school division and the broader community.

The challenge was sponsored by Moseley Architects and ABM Building & Energy Solutions. This is the fifth year the awards were given out.

IWCS will be honored for this achievement at the VSBA meeting later this winter.

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The other news is that the IWCS Food Services Department is launching a recycling program in the Smithfield middle and high school cafeteria. This is intended to reduce the amount of trash taken to the local landfill.

The cafeteria is collecting all foam trays and clear plastic containers that have the recycling symbol on the bottom of the container. These will be placed in a Styrofoam Melter and condensed to a small block. This block can then be made into useful items such as picture frames that the schools could purchase and sell for fundraising.

“We are really excited about this program,” said Food Services Director Pearl Taylor. “It’s a great way to make our environment better by tapping and stacking!”