Texas native has found new home in Franklin

Published 11:25 am Friday, November 22, 2013

Merle Monahan
Contributing Writer

Shannon Bicknell

Shannon Bicknell

FRANKLIN—Shannon Bicknell, a former Navy wife, has found a quality in the Franklin area that she never had before, she said. She is part of a community.

“My husband is retired Navy, and during his time in service, we traveled to many different countries, as well as all over the states.

“We never met people like the ones we’ve gotten to know here,” she said. “They’re friendly and helpful and I feel comfortable, like I belong here.”

Bicknell and her husband, Shawn, purchased their home in Franklin nine years ago. She said they had been stationed in Norfolk and liked the area, so decided to settle here.

He now has a job out of town, while she is the manager of the Peanut Patch gift shop.

“Just what I needed,” Bicknell said of her job with a smile. “Our customers are friends and neighbors, as well as people in transit.

“I enjoy working here,” she added.

“Everything is so upbeat and pleasant.”

Indeed, Bricknell herself adds to the congeniality of the shop. She modestly considers herself to have a bright and positive attitude and her customers like this.

Born and raised in Braunfels, Texas, the young businesswoman graduated from Braunfels High School and attended Sam Houston University. She was working in a clothing store in Texas when she met and married her husband, who is also from Texas.

One of the first places they lived after he joined the Navy, she added, was Hawaii, where they were stationed for seven years. It is where both of her children were born.

“After that, we traveled quite a bit,” she said. “When we ended up in Norfolk, we immediately fell in love with the area.”

At the Peanut Patch, Bricknell said she started nine years ago in sales, before being promoted to manager two years later.

“My duties changed somewhat in that I have more responsibility, but this is what I enjoy,” she said. “I like to keep occupied.”

It would seem that she has what she likes. She is in charge of all daily activities, including bookwork, purchasing and displays. In addition, she also is in charge of seven employees.

“With the holidays coming up, we’re pretty busy,” Bricknell said. “For instance, we started preparing for Christmas in January, but the hard part is now. We just completed decorating a store full of Christmas trees.

She noted that she is happier this Christmas than she has been for a long time, however.

“My parents are moving here, and we’ll be together as a family at Christmas for the first time in years.”


NAME: Shannon Bicknell

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO THIS AREA: The U.S. Navy. My husband is retired from the Navy.  When he was stationed in Norfolk, we decided to buy our home here because we liked the area.

HOMETOWN: Franklin.

OCCUPATION: Manager of the Peanut Patch (Feridies) gift shop.

MARITAL STATUS: Married to Shawn Bicknell for 23 years.

CHILDREN, AGES AND SCHOOLS: Two sons, Brandon, 22, married to Chelsey, and Christopher, 18.  Brandon is in the Navy and Christopher is a senior at Franklin High School.

FAVORITE NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN: Dinner and a movie with my husband.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: El Ranchero here in Franklin.

FAVORITE FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Mexican and a margarita

WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU: I once worked at a casino. When the people won at the game table, I was in charge of paying them their winnings.

WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU: I have a positive attitude and I love people.

WHAT IS YOUR WORST HABIT: When doing office work, I hate to file.

PETS: We have five dogs—three are ours and two are on loan—Lucky, Cooper, Roxie, Zoey and another Cooper.

FAVORITE HOBBIES: I love to travel.

PET PEEVE: I hate to see people using a cell phone while in line at a store, or driving, for instance.

WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB: Working at McDonalds in Texas.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED: As a good and honest friend.

IF YOU HAD 10 MINUTES ON NATIONAL TELEVISION, WHAT WOULD YOUR TOPIC BE AND WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: My topic would be the lack of morals in our country and no one is held accountable. We must change that. Parents need to take charge of themselves, be better role models for our children and instill in them the importance of good conduct. Teach them good values, high morals and respect for others. After all, they are our future.