Why is education important to me?

Published 11:16 am Friday, October 25, 2013

EDITORS NOTE: Fifth-grader Andrea Barnes has won the first Tidewater News Essay Contest for the School News Page. As a result, her essay will appear on the opinion page. For other contest entries, see the school page on A7.

Andrea Barnes

Andrea Barnes

Hello, have you ever just wondered why education is so important? Well I have, and this is my story.

First of all I idolize school. I would come to school on a Saturday if could. I also adore sports, but my academics come first. I think education is so important because if you want to get into an extraordinary college you have to have superior education.

Most people don’t think about it because all they think about is getting school over with and having fun, but no, not me. I think about what college I want to go to, what career I want to have, and all of that. In addition to that sometimes school can get a little frustrating. All you have to do is just push yourself to infinity and beyond.

Fly, soar, swim roar. Believe in yourself. I personally sometimes think of sports before education, and if I keep doing that I won’t get into a great college.

For instance Duke University is a great college, but if I don’t have an amazing education I won’t get in. Education is exceedingly important, that’s why I think everyone needs it. I have had lots of great advice on education and getting into some great colleges.

I realize that some children in Southampton County don’t have a great education, and I’m willing to do whatever I can to make sure that everyone in Southampton County has an outstanding education. In conclusion, you can now see why education is so important to me.

Andrea Barnes
5th Grade
Capron Elementary