Integrity of delegate’s opponent called into question

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, October 23, 2013

To the Editor:

I am very disappointed in the conduct of Delegate Rosalyn Tyler’s opponent in the 75th House District Race. To date, the main theme of that candidate’s campaign has been Delegate Tyler’s falsely claimed lack of integrity. However, the Republican candidate, in making this attack, has clearly brought his own integrity to issue. I received, as I assume many other voters in the 75th House District, a mailing on the morning of Oct. 18, 2013, setting out, among other things, as follows: “The facts are clear: Politician Rosalyn Tyler is looking out for herself” and “at the last minute politician Rosalyn Tyler requested $23,000.00 for an organization run by her husband while no private citizens were on hand to comment. Politician Rosalyn Tyler is looking out for herself not Virginia taxpayers.” Under these bold accusations there is a footnote in very small print admitting that the predicate for these accusations was a dispute among the Sussex County Supervisors in June 1989 – over 24 years ago.

In my humble opinion, any candidate who would use the present tense in describing an event, which occurred 24 years ago, either has fundamental problems with the English language or cares little to nothing about making truthful representations. The mailing is a gross misrepresentation and the person authorizing the mailing, the Republican candidate, must be held responsible. If any voter remains undecided as to whom to vote for in the 75th House District, the choice is now clear: Vote for Rosalyn Tyler.

Richard E. Railey Jr.