What color is your cause?

Published 1:21 pm Saturday, October 19, 2013

I was invited to Southampton High School on Unity Day (Oct. 9) to witness numerous students pledging not to bully or even tolerate it. This was part of the school’s observance of National Bullying Prevention Month. I’m pleased to report the list was quite lengthy, and I’ll trust their commitment to the promise will last even longer.

Another prominent feature for the occasion was the wearing of orange. As near as I could tell from research, that color was picked for the cause by the Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights, which supports the campaign. As you would expect, a large number of students wore clothing and accessories in orange and its varying tones. They were brilliant.

Then there’s this past Tuesday’s game between the girls’ volleyball teams of Windsor and Southampton high schools. The competition was reportedly fierce, not unlike the teams’ unmistakable determination to raising awareness of breast cancer. They showed their support by wearing pink, the designated color for National Breast Cancer Month.

From Oct. 23-31, red ribbons will be the accessory for students to wear in support of the substance abuse awareness. The theme being “A Healthy Me is Drug Free.”

As you have likely already observed, there’s a hue, tint or shade for just about any worthy cause imaginable.

This is all lovely – patriotic, even. But as I see it, for the pledges, ribbons and T-shirts to really mean anything demands two things: sincerity and action. For the latter part, it’s up to the campaign supporters to chose the method, be it money or volunteer work or just abiding by a voluntary promise.

Without faith and works, wearing all those colors is just fashion.

STEPHEN H. COWLES is a staff writer at The Tidewater News. He can be contacted at either 562-3187 or stephen.cowles@tidewaternews.com.