Obama administration stalling too much

Published 10:32 am Friday, September 27, 2013

To the Editor:

Delay, linger and wait. That is the operational strategy of this administration much too often.

First we have Benghazi on 9-11-2012. The Obama administration promises, “We will bring the perpetrators to justice.” The parents and families of the four victims hear the words, “We will get them” in a message delivered directly and personally to the family and attendees as the coffins arrive in Dover AFB in the United States. Then, you guessed it, delay, linger and wait!

In prime time, the president addresses the nation on the eve of 9-11-2013; one full year after Benghazi. As of yet there has been no resolution of the Benghazi issue, despite Congressional hearings that meet stonewall after stonewall.

On this anniversary of 9-11-12, we have the Syrian fiasco. It is a horrific tragedy whereby 1,000-plus Syrian civilians fall to Sarin gas. That was Aug. 21. We know now that the gassing of innocents has happened several times before that. President Obama is justifiably outraged; so what does the administration do? They kick in the delay, linger and wait strategy yet again. Dithering back and forth President Obama shows United States citizenry and Congress he is confused about what to do once again. Being a “Community Organizer” has not prepared him to function on the world stage with an issue he has chosen.

He is going to strike, then he is NOT going to strike, He is gathering international support and only Albania signs on with him. He speaks to the nation and reconfirms gassing is uncivilized and should not be in any nation’s playbook … ever. The Russian President Mr. [Vladimir] Putin jumps at a phrase uttered by John Kerry, Obama’s Secretary of State. Russia offers to brokerage a deal that may avoid direct U.S. military involvement against Syria after the President told the world he would do so.

Obama jumps at the deal; but he has been played. The Russian plan will keep [Bashir] Hassad in power, denying the U.S. authority forever to strike Syria militarily. By that U.S. promise, Putin and Assad will control the inspection and control of the Sarin gas weapons.

This dithering by Obama does not seem like a good deal to me. Obfuscation … Delay, linger and wait once again, is the tactical and strategically styled “Plan” that evolves from the Obama administration.

John Murphy