New water pipes to be placed along South Street

Published 10:57 am Wednesday, September 25, 2013

FRANKLIN—A new business coming to Franklin will bring more than love to the city — water pressure will also improve for some residents.

Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores, John M. Janson and the City of Franklin have come to a three-way agreement that will expand the water line heading out to the site of the new truck stop, which will be just to the north of the exit ramp that leads to South Street.

The city will extend a 12-inch line out to the truck stop’s site off of U.S. 58. The line will help residents along the way who have substandard water pressure thanks to the smaller lines that go that way. The city’s 12-inch pipeline stops at the intersection with College Drive.

“This will improve water pressure significantly,” said City Manager Randy Martin. “I’ve talked to residents out that way, and that has been a long-term concern, that the water pressure is low by city standards. This will improve that a good bit.”

Janson, who bought the tract of land and sold a portion of it to Love’s, will pay 24.8 percent, Love’s will pay 36 percent and the city will pay 39.2 percent of the costs. The project cost will be approximately $157,500; however, the city will pay just under $62,000.

It will also help the city in other ways: fire protection will improve along that route. The city also wants to build a connector road through the Pretlow Industrial Park in a subsequent phase of this project, and the lines will help tie into the water tower there.

Martin said Janson, a commercial property developer, also wins, in that he has approximately 40 acres of land that he can improve for commercial use. Martin said any development there would also be a win for the city, in that it would gain additional tax base.

“Win-win is a good way to describe this whole project,” he said.