A call to action to move schools forward

Published 10:26 am Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One need not spend much time reading any of Howie Soucek’s writings on the subject of public education before a couple of points become crystal clear. One, he is incredibly passionate about the topic; and two, he knows of what he speaks. His passion for education comes naturally, as he not only spent nine years on the front lines of public education as a middle school teacher, but is also the husband of recently retired Franklin Public Schools teacher Linda Soucek. In the Soucek household, it is fair to say that teaching was truly a calling, much more so than just a profession. Soucek is also one of the rare individuals who can say he literally wrote a book on the subject. His “Notes on Education” (TEACH Services, Inc., 2008) provides real insight into the decline of K-12 education in the United States, as well as a substantive look into potential solutions for any community prepared to regain control over a faltering school system. His most recent editorial contribution to The Tidewater News (“New paradigm needed,” Sept. 22, 2013) is further proof that his finger is truly on the pulse of what ails, and could be right again with, public education.

Soucek also separates himself from the crowd with regard to the topic of public education in this respect; he doesn’t just voice his concerns in hushed tones behind closed doors for fear that someone might associate him with criticism of current school leadership. He has issued a very public call to action with an outline for steps we can take to move our schools forward. We would all do well to heed his advice.