State big game contests feature biggest bucks, bears and beards

Published 10:02 am Saturday, September 21, 2013

FRANKLIN—The East and West Regional and State Big Game Contests are sponsored by the Virginia Peninsula Sportsmen’s Association, Rockingham-Harrisonburg Chapter Izaak Walton League and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Running these contests takes more than 100 organization volunteers and VDGIF staff to administer the contests, set up show displays, score trophy entries and award certificates to the contestants. If you are interested in assisting one of these organizations in their efforts to promote hunting heritage traditions and recognize the exceptional game trophies found throughout the Commonwealth, visit their websites and contact one of their officers. For contest results, rules, and information visit either of the sponsoring organizations websites:, or

The 74th Eastern Regional and State Championship Big Game Contest will be on Sept. 28-29, 2013. More than 3,000 sportsmen and families are expected to attend the official Big Game Contest at the Southampton County Fairgrounds west of Franklin sponsored by the Virginia Peninsula Sportsmen’s Association in partnership with VDGIF. The VDGIF exhibit will feature subscription sign-up for the  Outdoor Report  and information on the new hunting opportunities of interest to sportsmen in the eastern regions of the state. The event will feature exhibitors with gear, calls, supplies and taxidermy as well as activities for youth. Biologists and law enforcement staff will be on hand to answer questions. This year the Eastern Regional is also the State Championship. For contest rules and information visit:

This is the event to bring a friend who is interested in the Apprentice Hunting License, and to talk with experienced sportsmen about the many opportunities for hunting, and try out the latest gear to enhance your experience.