Reports and Arrests

Published 11:38 am Friday, September 20, 2013





Weapon law violation, carrying concealed weapon, Lees Mill Road, Franklin



Larceny from a building, Mullet Drive, Ivor



Possession of cocaine, Carrsville Highway, Franklin



Property found, Carrsville Highway, Carrsville

Larceny, tampering with mail, Bows and Arrows Road, Zuni

Larceny from motor vehicle, Courthouse Highway, Windsor

Possession of marijuana, Courthouse Highway, Windsor



Traffic accident, Courthouse Highway, Windsor



Death report, Tomlin Hill, Zuni

Animal complaint – domestic exposure, Courthouse Highway, Windsor

Indecent exposure, Courthouse Highway, Windsor

Possession of heroin, Walters Highway, Carrsville

Accidental discharge of firearm, injury, Joyners Bridge Road, Windsor

Suicide attempt, Walters Highway, Franklin



Residential burglary, Courthouse Highway, Windsor




Phillips, Susan Barberis, 58, Monument Circle, Windsor, charged with assault and battery of a family member

Butler, Laverne Denise, 53, Monument Circle, Windsor, charged with destruction of property

Tillett, Michael Wayne, 51, Lees Mill Road, Franklin, charged with carrying a concealed weapon

Moody, David, 64, Monument Circle, Windsor, charged with entering home of person with a protective order



Jennings, Ronald J., 39, Monument Circle, Windsor, charged with brandishing a firearm and paper service



Batchelor, George Clarence, 19, Monument Circle, Windsor, paper service


Butler, Angelina Jamie, 23, Carrsville Highway, Franklin, charged with possession of controlled substance

Wiggins, Michael Alonzo, 22, Monument Circle, Windsor, charged with contempt of court



Wade, Benjamin Hassle, 23, Courthouse Highway, Windsor, charged with possession of marijuana



Thomas, Michael Lee, 35, Monument Circle, Windsor, charged with assault and battery of a family member



Schuyler, Justin Thomas, 23, West Windsor Boulevard, Windsor, charged with public swearing or intoxication



Dunlap, Cecil, 66, Joyner Street, Carrsville, charged with forcible sodomy

Johnson, Brandon Jamaar, 20, Monument Circle, Windsor, charged with unlawful use or damage to telephone lines





Rescue call, Lizzie Drive

Rescue call, Oak Avenue

Disturbance, Guy Place Road

Intimidation, Sunbeam Road

Information, New Market Road

Rescue call, Serbin Street

Disturbance, George Street

Rescue call, General Mahone Boulevard

Rescue call, Branch Bridge Street

Vehicle Fire, Cypress Bridge Road

Rescue call, Story Drive

DOA, Story Drive

Vandalism, Hall Street

Rescue call, Old Plank Road

All other larceny, Whitehead Road

Rescue call, Old Plank Road

Other offenses, Bethel Road

Rescue call, Serbin Street



Alarm, Main Street

Rescue call, old Belfield Road

Rescue call, Three Bees Road

Credit card/ATM, Delaware Road

Wrecker needed, 308/58

Alarm, Southampton Parkway

Counterfeiting/forgery, Main Street

Deliver message, West Railroad Street

Wrecker needed, Thomaston Road

Rescue call, East High Street

BOL Reckless Drive, 58W


Attempted suicide, Meherrin Road

Harassment, Burdette Road

Check welfare, Askew Street

Rescue call, Parkview Drive


Motor vehicle accident, Southampton Parkway/Smiths Ferry

Driving under the influence, Jerusalem Road

Assist motorist, General Mahone Boulevard/Main Street

Motor vehicle accident, Woods/Black Creek

Rescue call, Unity Road

Stalking, Barn Tavern Road

Disturbance, Woodard Street CSX

Found property, Main Street

Rescue call, Bethany School Road

All other larceny, Dewey Street

DOA, Delaware Road

Rescue call, Delaware Road

Vandalism, Branch Bridge Street

Rescue call, Glyndon Street

Shots fired, Scojo Drive

Wrecker needed, 671/Drakes

Rescue call, Scottswood Drive

Security check, Brookside Drive

Burglary/B&E, Williams Street


Shots fired, Carter Street

Driving under the influence, Popes Station/Garris Mill

Rescue call, Handsom Road

Livestock on highway, Pond Branch/Sedley

Harassment, Burdette Road

Rescue call, Clydesdale Circle

Assist motorist, EB 58

Motor vehicle accident, 64 W/B N of Norfolk

Assist motorist, WB 460

Information, Nottoway House

Information, Williams Street

Assist law enforcement, Artis Circle

Motor vehicle accident, Southampton Parkway

Motor vehicle accident, Southampton Parkway

Prowler, Bryant Street

Prisoner in custody, 58E/Nottoway Bridge

Burglary/B&E, South Main Street

Rescue calls, Pittman Road


Rescue call, High Street

All other larceny, Beaton Avenue

BOL reckless driver

Intimidation, Maple Avenue

Citizen assist, Armory Drive

Alarm, East Railroad Street

Rescue call, 460

Rescue call, Cross Keys Road

Assault, Cross Keys Road

Assist motorist, 58E, 2 miles W of Pretlow

Alarm, Southampton Parkway

Rescue call, Pinecrest Drive

Wrecker needed, Main Street Boykins/N.C. Line

Rescue call, Seacock Chapel Road


Alarm, Southampton Parkway

Motor vehicle accident, Powells Hill Road

Assist motorist, Broad Street

Domestic trouble, Plank Road

Motor vehicle accident, 258/Before Bethany School

Abandoned Property, Main Street

All other larceny, East Railroad Street

Suspicious people, Adams Grove Road

Information, Cabin Point Road

911 hang up/error, Vicksville Road

Rescue call, North Beaver Dam Road

Rescue call, Sadler Road

Motor vehicle accident, Southampton Parkway

Citizen assist, Southampton Parkway

Rescue call, Southampton Parkway

Assist motorist, 58W/Shady Brook Trail

Disturbance, Williams Street

Rescue call, Moreland Street

Domestic trouble, Carter Street


Rescue call, Linden Street

All other larceny, Angelico Road

Rescue call, Southampton Parkway

Rescue call, Main Street

Rescue call, Camp Parkway

Theft from a building, Dogwood Bend Road

Rescue call, Cabin Pond Lane

BOL reckless driver, 58W

Assist motorist, 58/WB bypass

Mental subject, Storys Station Road

Rescue call, Buckhorn Quarter Road

Rescue call, Lizzie Drive

Disturbance, Virginia Street

Rescue call, Number 8 Schoolhouse

Rescue call, Riverdale Drive


Rescue call, Whitehead Road

Rescue call, Ivor road

Rescue call, Elizabeth Street

Investigate suspicious vehicle, Southampton Parkway

Rescue call, Elizabeth Street

Rescue call, Sedley Road

Domestic trouble, Mallard

Rescue call, Johnsons Mill Road

Dispute, Pittman Road

Disturbance, Williams Street

Rescue call, Williams Street

Wrecker needed, 671/Newsoms Peanut

Rescue call, Main Street




Williams, Jeffrey Brian, 38, Delores Road, Zuni, charged with operating a vehicle with no lights, assault and battery of a police officer, destruction of property greater than or equal $1,000 and eluding police

Adams, Dion Shawvontay, 27, charged with contempt of court


Picot, Dolly Mae, 51, Shady Brook Trail, Courtland, charged with violation of probation

Joyner, Earnest C. 66, Porterhouse Road, Courtland, charged with trespassing

Drake, Ronald Wayne, 49, Fontaine Street, Franklin, charged with violation of probation

Tennessee, Wayne F. (no age given), Welcome Road, Portsmouth, charged with violation of probation


Harper, Wilbert Lee Jr., 35, Holly Street, Franklin, charged with failure to appear


Kerns, Ronald Douglas, 64, Southampton County Jail, charged with grand larceny

Overman, Issac Currel, 31, of Vernon Drive, Norfolk, charged with failure to pay support

Coleman, Heidi M., 39, Jackson Road, Suffolk, charged with contempt of court


Burke, Anthony Dave (no age given), Glyndon Street, Courtland, charged with driving with a suspended license, fifth offense


Grant, Albert Mcallester,44, of Mill street, Severn, N.C., charged with driving a motor vehicle with a revoked/suspended license, three counts


Magette, Charles Augustus, 42, Shands Drive, Courtland, charged with driving under the influence, first offense

Gary, Jimmie Reed, 51, of Popes Station Road, Capron, charged with obstructing justice, driving under the influence