Teams hit their marks in shooting competition

Published 11:37 am Saturday, September 14, 2013

Barton Metzgar prepares to fire at a target. -- FRANK DAVIS | TIDEWATER NEWS

Barton Metzgar prepares to fire at a target. — FRANK DAVIS | TIDEWATER NEWS


WAKEFIELD—For three years, Matthew Shaffer, 14, of Suffolk participated at shooting competitions in the Junior Division. However, when he attended the Southeast District 4-H Shoot Competition on June 29, he was finally old enough to compete with his brother Joshua, 18, in the Senior Division.

Participating in a variety of team and individual events using different devices – shotguns, rifles, and bows – the brothers along with 11 other youth from the Airfield 4-H Swamp Shooters represented the Tidewater Area well.

“[Our teams] brought both the [trap and skeet] shotgun team trophies home,” Matthew Shaffer said.

This victory was nothing new for the club.

“The past three years [the Swamp Shooters] have brought home trophies,” he said.

Not only is Matthew Shaffer involved in the 4-H Club with his brother Joshua, but also his oldest brother Andrew, 20, is a past member; his father, Jeff, serves as an archery instructor; and his mother, Marcy, is the Airfield 4-H Club coordinator.

“Our 13 shooters did very well at the Southeast District Shoot. As coaches we are very proud of them,” Marcy Shaffer said.

Now the club is preparing for the State 4-H Shoot, which takes place Sept. 13-15 at Holiday Lake. In addition to Matthew and Joshua, the club will have six other members participating in the competition.

While Matthew Shaffer is anxious to see how he does in the shotgun competition at the State 4-H Shoot, Marcy Shaffer is looking forward to the family time.

“They have an event called Seneca Trail where the whole family can experience ‘old-timey stuff,’ ” she said. Activities include black powder guns, tomahawk throwing and creating sparks with flint and steel.

Following the State 4-H Shoot, the family will resume it regular schedule with the Swamp Shooters, which is a junior team of the Airfield Shooting Club.

“They provide us with storage space, equipment, coaches, and targets,” Marcy Shaffer said.

The Airfield 4-H Club meets every second and fourth Sunday at the Airfield 4-H Center near Wakefield. They have experienced coaches, most of them have participated in shooting education for the majority of their life – from armed forces officers to an Olympic medalist.

“We are excited about having others join. Our volunteer coaches look forward to instructing, coaching, and training. Several of our youth are also trained as Junior Instructors,” Marcy Shaffer shared.

Before the next practice, however, the team will be traveling to Holiday Lake and competing as individuals. While they will be competing against one another, they are a very supportive group.

“We don’t rub it in if we beat someone else… We’re pretty friendly,” Matthew Shaffer admitted.

For more information about 4-H, joining the club, or the Airfield 4-H Center, call Celia Brockway at the Southampton County Extension Office, 653-2572.


Airfield 4-H Swamp

Shooter Southeast District

4-H Shoot Results

Participants: Martin, Johnny and Mishko Prikasky (Suffolk, now Mississippi); Joshua and Matthew Shaffer (Suffolk); Barton Metzgar (Suffolk); Chase and Carly Parker (Gates, N.C.); Noah Cardellino (Hopewell); Julie Manning (Norfolk); and Elaine Miller (Suffolk)


Silhouettes (animal shaped targets down rang at 40 and 50 meters)


Joshua Shaffer, 5th

Barton Metzgar, 9th

Chase Parker, 12th

Martin Prikasky, 14th



Johnny Prikasky, 6th


Light Rifle-Iron Sights


Barton Metzgar, 1st

Martin Prikasky, 2nd



Mishko Prikasky, 2nd

Johnny Prikasky, 3rd


Archery – Compound Bows


Elaine Miller (Suffolk) 4th


Archery – Genesis Bow with No Let Off


Matthew Shaffer, 1st

Carly Parker, 2nd


Shotgun – Skeet


Team Ranking, 1st

Martin Prikasky, 4th

Noah Cardelino, 9th

Matthew Shaffer, 10th

Chase Parker twelfth



Mishko Prikasky, 5th


Shotgun – Trap


Team Ranking, 1st

Martin Prikasky, 6th

Joshua Shaffer, 7th

Noah Cardelino, 8th

Matthew Shaffer, 9th

Julie Manning, 14th



Mishko Prikasky, 8th

Johnny Prikasky, 10th