Fishing tournament nets several prizes

Published 11:26 am Saturday, September 14, 2013

by Alesia Williams

The team of Jonathan Whitley and Kevin Gunn took first place in the 12th round of the Three Rivers Bass Tournament Series held Sept. 7. The team had five bass with a total weight of 15.18 pounds.

“We knew the fish were focusing (together) and they were in a neutral feeding mood because of the cold front,” said Gunn, “So we fished a floating worm slowly, tight to cover, focusing on the bait fish.”

The team of Keith Vick and K.J. Vick took second place with five bass with a total weight of 13.98 pounds.

The senior Vick also took the prize for the heaviest bass of the day weighing 4.29 pounds.

Third place went to the team of Bubba Gay and Jonathan Yost. The team of Doug Williams and David Nunnally took fourth place followed by Matt Holt and Bob Holt in fifth place.

The next bass tournament for the club members will be Sunday, Sept. 22 and will launch from Tunis Landing in Winton, N.C.

For more pictures and other information, visit the Facebook page at Three Rivers Bass Tournament Series.