The death of communication

Published 10:01 am Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It is a sad day in the world when the phrase, “silence is golden,” is common speak solution to all of our problems. That phrase may hold true, but in certain instances such as in the workplace, home, or in society in general it is the wrong approach. It’s especially wrong when dealing with the people we spend a lot of our time around.

Scientists have long determined that humans are communicative by nature. Ever since the concept of society and communities was developed in the beginning of time, we have had some form of communication. From hand signals, gestures, body language and grunts to modern linguistics we have always been conveying information to each other. So, for things to have reverted to the ways of prehistoric living doesn’t sit too well with me.

We have vocal chords for a reason. Petty squabbles and the majority of disagreements can be settled with a few words, a hash out. The downtrodden can be uplifted with a few words of encouragement. A person you may love will be able to finally know how you feel when you express yourself with words. Yet, in an effort to be politically correct and keep with the status quo, we bottle up our words and feelings. This does nothing but lead to stress and worry, which will only manifest itself later. And most of the time, the manifestation will not be in the most desired form

The same principle applies for things we don’t like. How can a person know you’re irritated by something they’ve done or haven’t done? How long will you tolerate a slight by smiling and acting as if everything is okay while secretly seething to yourself? How many times will you allow your blood pressure to spike and create dilapidating headaches because you are holding back your feelings instead of saying what you felt to be right? The saying, “pressure bursts pipes,” fits well, because there is only so much a person can tolerate before they reach maximum capacity. This “I can’t take it anymore” point is the home of outbursts and potentially negative situations.

I’m not saying that communication is the key to solving the world’s ills and misdeeds, but a lack of communication only hurts things and makes them worse. I’m not even sure the words you speak will be taken heed to. All I’m saying is that you will feel many times better if you speak about it, whatever it is. You will have less stress and frustration. You will have less guilt, especially if you tend to agree to do things you really don’t want to do just to please others. The people you speak your mind to may not like what you have to say. In fact, I can guarantee that a lot of people will be shocked by what you really think and say. One thing for certain, they will learn to respect your sense of honesty. They will respect the fact that you were willing to convey your dreams, desires, likes and dislikes, opinions, and ideas, because in this day and age, it seems that honest people are found few and far between.

This is just my humble opinion in the matter. We need to return to the present as a society. We need to crawl from the darkness and enter the light of a world full of communication. There are all these social media sites, phones, apps and indirect ways of making comments but no real communication between people. Stop being a robot with everything canned and sealed within. Take time to express yourself and your thoughts. Call a friend or loved one and tell them how you feel. Seal old rifts by hashing out problems over coffee or whiskey. And if need be, write a letter. Whatever you do, just don’t let the progression of modern society cause the death of communication.