Burglars hit Joyners Bridge Road area in southern Isle of Wight

Published 1:22 pm Saturday, September 7, 2013

CARRSVILLE—In the past several weeks, three burglaries have occurred on Joyners Bridge Road, which is off of Walters Highway in Isle of Wight County.

Of the three burglaries, two hit the same home on different days, said Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office investigator Capt. Rick Gaddis.

On Aug. 6, a burglar hit a home in the 5100 block of Joyners Bridge Road, getting away with $2,000 in assorted electronic goods, such as computer games and a television, and also some loose cash.

On Aug. 15, a home on the 1500 block of the road was hit — the burglar making away with a four-wheeler. Five days later on Aug. 20, the same home was stuck and approximately $1,000 worth of jewelry and a flat-screen television were taken.

The four-wheeler was later recovered on Askew Street in the Southampton Meadows, Gaddis said.

He said the sheriff’s department is looking into suspects who cannot be named at this time.

The burglaries happened during the daytime, and he said that’s becoming more common.

“They are going in when people are not at home, kicking in backdoors, side doors, whatever is out of sight from the main road,” Gaddis said. “These daytime burglaries are happening all across the region, in cities and the counties.

“In fact, I think daytime burglaries are becoming more prevalent than night time burglaries.”

The investigator suggested that homeowners should look after their neighbors and report any suspicious activity.

“People have to look out for each other and each other’s property, especially out in these rural areas,” he said. “It always helps to make your house look as occupied as possible. Leave an extra car, if you have one. Just so that it looks like someone is at home.”

Social media could also be at play here, said Gaddis.

“People need to be mindful of what they put on these social media websites,” he said. “People are describing every aspect of their lives, and these potential burglars who have access, can derive their comings and goings.”