County, Chamber leaders will be missed

Published 10:45 am Friday, September 6, 2013

A few months ago, Isle of Wight County General Services Director Eddie Wrightson announced his retirement effective this summer. Then a few weeks ago, IW County Administrator Doug Caskey said he would leave come the start of October. Just a few days ago, word gets out that come Jan. 15, Constance Rhodes is retiring as the president and chief executive officer of the Isle of Wight-Smithfield-Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

We’re not distressed by the departures, so much as a bit saddened that the county is losing leadership that’s rich in experience. For example, from past observations we’ve seen that General Services Assistant Director Frank Haltom and the rest of the department have ably carried on, a testament to Wrightson’s leadership.

Nor are we begrudging their leaving. The time has evidently come for these leaders to voluntarily step down and enjoy well-deserved retirements.

At the same time, this gives Isle of Wight an opportunity for new hands to guide the county for many years. Whether it’s people already working locally or attracted from outside, they could bring not only their skills, but also fresh perspectives and ideas.

We’ll trust that those in the county seeking a new administrator will be thorough in their search. Likewise, the board of directors for the chamber shouldn’t feel rushed to name another person to lead the organization.

All in all, we join with others in wishing Wrightson, Caskey and Rhodes well, and thank them for their exemplary services.