SHS faculty and students gave a warm welcome during the freshmen orientation

Published 12:39 pm Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kinsey Taylor, Mikayla Clarke and Shelby Livingston at the Skills USA table. -- SIDNEY MOORE | TIDEWATER NEWS

Kinsey Taylor, Mikayla Clarke and Shelby Livingston at the Skills USA table. — SIDNEY MOORE | TIDEWATER NEWS

Sidney Moore
Contributing Writer

COURTLAND—There was an excellent turnout at the freshmen orientation Wednesday, which was designed to give parents and new students a welcome into the school.

As soon as you walked through the front doors, you were greeted by faculty members. Then you received a nametag and were showed to the auditorium, where cheerleaders cheered you on.

People filed into their seats and were addressed by members of the student body and staff. Allene Atkinson, the principal, gave an uplifting and informing speech, basically running down what was expected of students. Atkinson also spoke of Southampton’s history of performance and how they kept a strong focus on the 3As: academics, activities and athletics. Dr. Alvera Parrish, the superintendent for Southampton County Schools, took the stage as well to congratulate students for making the transition to high school. Some of the other faculty members to speak that night included Tim Mason; the athletic director, Keith Rose; the resource officer.

Students and parents learned about how the school activities travel beyond the walls of the school itself and affect the community of Southampton. They learned about coat drives for elementary students as well as the Teens for Jeans program. Those were just some of the programs that related to the school’s focus of the 3 As.

Once the speaking engagements were over, the attendees were organized into groups based upon the colors on their nametags, which were issued upon entry to the school.

Those groups were taken on tours of the school that were led by the senior class. People learned the layout of the halls and had meet and greets with teachers and other staff members.

Then the groups were led into a main corridor where booths were set up, displaying the various clubs and organizations that Southampton High School had to offer. Among those present were representatives from the Student Government Association, FFA, the Art & Anime Club, the Christian Club, and the Teen Library Council. Another was the Skills USA booth, occupied by Kinsey Taylor, Shelby Livingston and Mikayla Clarke, which promoted the learning of skilled trades, thus allowing the students to acquire marketable skills for the real world.

The family of Southampton High School managed to express Atkinson’s secret to success for SHS: Pride, Passion and Commitment.