PDCCC welcomes idea of working with Hayden Village project

Published 8:51 am Saturday, August 24, 2013


FRANKLIN—Paul D. Camp Community College is looking forward to its future dealings with the Hayden Village Project.

“We are still in the early stages of relationship building and project engagement,” said Felicia Blow, who is the vice president of Institutional Advancement and the executive director of the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation.

“Our team held a meeting with representatives last week, and from that meeting we developed lots of grand ideas, to include applied health sciences, student activities, culinary arts, Workforce Development, and a whole host of other ideas,” Blow said.

Knowing this will be a long-term engagement, there would have to be other talks in the near future. Blow confirmed this as she said, “We are working to meet again in October in order to assess options and opportunities and hope to have much more to share following that coming October meeting.

“I will definitely be looking forward to what comes of that meeting,” she continued.

“This is the type of partnership that builds communities from the ground up, especially when talk of opportunities for job placement and education come into the picture. If it’s anything like what I’m thinking, there will be plenty of happy people and a much brighter future for the city of Franklin and the county of Southampton in the future.”