Published 8:36 am Saturday, August 24, 2013




Residential burglary, Carrsville

Threaten to burn, Windsor


Vehicle theft, Windsor



Destruction of property, Carrsville


Assault, simple-domestic, Windsor

Animal complaint, domestic exposure, Carrsville

Suspicious situation, Carrsville

Residential burglary, Carrsville


Robbery, Windsor




Horne, Petra Danielle, charged with making threats to bomb or damage a building,


Barris, Sabrina Joy, charged with assault and battery of a family member





Disturbance, Darden Street

Notification, South Main Street

Shots fired, Ridley Road

Rescue call, Main Street

Animal control case, Story Station/Country Club Road

Check welfare case, River Road

Theft from a building, Garris Mill Road

Assist rescue, Branch Bridge Street

Rescue call, Branch Bridge Street

Destruction/damage/vandalism, Sedley Road

Motor vehicle accident, fairgrounds

Disturbance, Meherrin Road

Destruction/damage/vandalism, Linden Street

Burglary/B&E, Askew Street

Rescue call, Pittman Road

Rescue call, Fairground Drive

Rescue call, Browns Avenue

Destruction/damage/vandalism, George Street

Alarm, Pulley Drive

Rescue call, Main Street

Motor vehicle accident, Main Street

Check welfare case, Forest Drive

Burglary/B&E, Carter Street

Traffic hazard, Newmarket Road



BOL Reckless driver, Route 671

Rescue call, Main Street

Rescue call, Marshall Street

Intoxicated driver, Broad Street

Rescue call, Boothe Road

Assist rescue, Ivey Tract Road

Rescue call, Buckhorn Quarter Road

Motor vehicle accident, Carys Bridge Road

Vandalism, Bruce Street

Burglar/B&E, Tucker Swamp Road

Rescue call, Birch Allen

Rescue call, Whitemeadow Pinopolis, Little Texas

Motor vehicle accident, Whitemeadow Pinopolis, Little Texas

Check welfare case, Grant Street

Rescue call, Jay Street

Alarm, Southampton Parkway

Check welfare case, Guy Place Road

Runaway, Darden Street


Rescue call, Darden Street

Rescue call, Askew Street

Domestic trouble, Appleton Road

Assist motorist, 58W/Barahams Hill

Alarm, Country Club Road

Motor vehicle accident, 58W/Light

Rescue call, 58W/Old Bridge

Check welfare case, Black Creek Road

Domestic trouble, Forest Drive

Alarm, Heritage Lane

Destruction/damage/vandalism, Charles Street

Motor vehicle accident, Beaton Avenue

Reckless Driver, Storys Station Road

Alarm, Meadowbrook Court

Destruction/damage/vandalism, Meherrin Road

Alarm, Carys Bridge road

Rescue call, Munford Drive

Check welfare case, Medicine Springs Road

Check welfare case, Forest Drive

Disturbance, East Thomas Street

BOL, reckless drive

Rescue call, North Main Street



Rescue call, Newmarket

Alarm, Sedley Road

Traffic hazard, 58 West/Pretlow exit

Structure fire, Ivor Road

Theft from a building, Newmarket

Theft from a building, Southampton Parkway

Assist law enforcement, Darden Street

Check welfare case, Greenbriar Drive

Wrecker needed, Rawlings Road/Route 58

Motor vehicle accident, Main Street, Boykins

Rescue call, Oak Trail

Rescue call, Monroe Road

Investigate suspicious vehicle, Cedar View/Royal Oak

Destruction/damage/vandalism, General Mahone Boulevard

Assault, Main Street

Disturbance, Clacksbury

Rescue Call, Unity Road

Larceny, General Thomas Highway

Intimidation, Womble Mill Road



Domestic trouble, Carter Street

Other offenses, Guilfield Baptist Church

Rescue call, Brandon Street

All other larceny, Smiths Ferry Boat Ramp,

Alarm, Shady Brook Trail

Domestic trouble, Proctors Bridge Road

Game commission call, Southampton Parkway

Other offenses, Ridley Road

Alarm, Pittman Road

Rescue Call, Earlings

Credit card, auto teller machine, Ashleigh

Rescue call, Proctors Bridge Road

Other offenses, BOL

Other offenses, East Darden Street

Other offenses, Thomas Street





Person, Larry Brandon, Cameron Street, Franklin, charged with violation of probation

Harper, James Francis, Lyttle Drive, Newport News, charged with driving under the influence



Hacker, Shane Edwards, Ruritan Boulevard, Suffolk, charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit felony; grand larceny


Devonish, Frank McKay Jr., Virginia Beach Jail, charged with violation of probation

Freese, Anthony Lee, Ivey Tract Road, Drewryville, charged with reckeless driving

Patricia Kinlaw, New Road, Ivor, charged with assault and battery



Jones, Ronnie, Dogwood Road, Franklin, charged with violating protective orders

Newsome, Marcus Wendell, Southwest Road, Murfreesboro, N.C., charged with violation of probation

Byrd, Joel Dawayne, Main Street, Courtland, charged with driving with a revoked/suspended license; receiving stolen goods

Wheeler, Ernest Keith, Indian Town Road, Courtland, charged with assault and battery of family member


Payne, Corey Allen, Elm Street, Jackson, N.C., charged with rape

Brown, Otis Lee Jr., Delaware Road, Franklin, charged with driving with a revoked/suspended license, third-plus offense

Hayden, Joseph Michael Jr., A Street, Norfolk, charged with driving under the influence

John Drames, Appleton Road, Ivor, charged with assault and battery of a family member