Two people killed in apartment fire

Published 11:41 am Monday, August 5, 2013

FRANKLIN—Two people were killed in an apartment fire in Franklin on Sunday morning.

Franklin Fire and Rescue Department Deputy Chief Mark Carr said the names of the victims cannot be released at this time, as the police have to notify the families.

At 3:29 a.m., the fire department was called to 1698 Dorchester Street, Apartment A6, and upon arrival they saw smoke and flames coming out the rear of the apartment.

During the primary search, at 3:38 a.m., they discovered the victims, who were brought out. The victims were unresponsive, so they started CPR and then had them transported to a local hospital.

The fire department believes that the fire started from the cooking stove, and it was accidental in nature.

The fire was contained to a single apartment and no one else was hurt.