Bring people together

Published 9:31 am Saturday, August 3, 2013

Living alone with your problems can be difficult. There is something about the human psyche that often leads us to becoming bitter, and perhaps more defeated, the more we feel alone in the world. Perhaps that is why oftentimes when a spouse dies, the other’s death is not far behind.

For whatever reasons, having someone else to listen to your problems helps — perhaps it just makes us feel like we belong to something.

That’s why having support groups helps, and we commend Dr. Douglas Boyce, former president of the Paul D. Camp Community College, for attempting to get a support group fro Parkinson’s disease off the ground.

Parkinson’s disease most often develops after the age of 50, and it is a disorder of the brain that leads to tremors and difficulty with coordination. It is a disease in which there is presently no known cure, and the only treatment that exists is merely to control it.

Presently, people are able to control the systems through medication. But another aid in the process is a positive attitude, and feeling like you belong to something can go a long way toward that. Or, as Dr. Boyce said it better: “That’s what a support group is all about — living with it.”

We encourage people living with the disease to contact Dr. Boyce at 562-4432 or through email at