Why leave IOW schools?

Published 10:11 am Friday, August 2, 2013

In mid-May, the public learned through a press release and newspaper reports that Isle of Wight County School Superintendent A. Katrise Perera was looking for – and we quote – “leadership opportunities outside of Isle of Wight County Schools.”

The announcement went on to say that recent events prompted the decision, and Perera felt it was best for her family to look elsewhere.

The timing was noteworthy for it came in the middle of preparing a new school year budget and the start of the brouhaha involving school board member Herb DeGroft and supervisor Byron Bailey’s controversial emails.

Nonetheless, the school board then graciously announced its support of her presence in Isle of Wight, and would continue to back her up as long as she’s employed with the school system.

Most recently, we learned that Perera sought to return to her home state of Louisiana for a position. That too reportedly didn’t come to fruition.

The school board had a scheduled closed session Thursday, and we can’t help but wonder if the school board is still behind her.

Meanwhile, we also ask why the superintendent still believes she’d be better off now elsewhere than leading Isle of Wight County.

True, the controversy level has been at times a certifiable code red, but tough situations can help forge a person to become a better leader.

Presuming that the school board didn’t decide to show Perera the door yesterday, we encourage her to take a deep breath, and get ready for a new school year.

The county schools are looking for leadership, Katrise, and you can still be the one.