Police search for wounded pit bull

Published 11:30 am Monday, July 29, 2013

FRANKLIN—Franklin police continue their search for a wounded pit bull that was shot after attacking officers Saturday morning at the 700 block of South Street. Another pit bull was killed in its attempt to assault police, said Lt. Tim Whitt, police spokesman.

The incident began at 8:07 a.m. with a call about two pit bulls roaming around the Southern Food Store. While checking the grounds, one officer was attacked by both dogs and got puncture wounds in his right arm, said Whitt. The injured officer was first attended by EMS and later went to Southampton Memorial Hospital for more treatment.

The animals reportedly went to their yards.

Because the dogs were unrestrained and there was no one home to answer for them, the police established a perimeter around the yard as a safeguard for civilians.

On arrival of the Animal Control Officer, the two pit bulls again attacked the officers. They defended themselves and fired on the dogs, shooting one dead in the ordeal.

Anyone with information on the wounded dog’s whereabouts is asked to contact the police at 562-8575.