We can’t do enough for the future

Published 11:05 am Friday, July 26, 2013

As cliché as the phrase sounds, children truly are our future. How they are treated now at home and school, for example, largely shapes how this generation will grow spiritually, physically, mentally, intellectually and emotionally. Each is a crucial factor in the success of any youngster’s development.

That’s why the Franklin Early Head Start Center’s newly earned five stars is such encouraging news.

The Virginia Star Quality Initiative looked closely at the facility, which is run by The Children’s Center, and found it worthy of its highest rating. Reportedly, only one other childcare center in the Commonwealth has earned five stars.

Among the many concerns VSQI examined are: the facility’s cleanliness and offering of activities and materials; how well teachers interact with the children; how qualified is the staff; and how well does the center prepare youngsters for school.

One report gave 40 out of 40 points for these issues of environment and instruction.

Concerns about structure, such as the ratio of teacher to children, scored 30 out of 30 points.

All who are involved with the Early Head Start Center, indeed with The Children’s Center in general, are to be strongly commended for their careful planning and carrying out the goals of educating and nurturing children.

While that extra attention to detail might not reap immediate awards of cash or grants, it continues to earn the hard-owned confidence of concerned agencies and, most importantly, the parents who entrust their treasures to the staff members.

We’re confident those involved with the center won’t relax their standards. If anything, we fully expect they’ll be tougher on themselves to maintain those shining stars.