Franklin to continue to look at solid waste alternatives

Published 11:29 am Friday, July 26, 2013

FRANKLIN—Both the Franklin City Council and Southampton County Board of Supervisors each voted Monday to support Southeastern Public Service Authority’s efforts to bring costs of waste disposal down by 2018.

The resolution with SPSA is non-binding, and it concerns solid waste after Jan. 24, 2018. When the contract is up, the City of Franklin and Southampton County can also consider other means of solid waste disposal, taking into account the best interests of the people.

“This keeps all of our option open at this point,” said Michael Johnson, administrator for Southampton County.

Many area residents complain about the tipping fees with SPSA. Over the years, SPSA incurred significant debt, resulting in financial hardship that required the company to raise tipping fees to unprecedented levels in early 2009.

SPSA has refinanced bond obligations and sold assets in an effort to reduce its debt, with the goal of having its debt eliminated by the expiration of the agreement. It is also considering its policies and operation issues through a newly established committee.

Staff Writer Stephen H. Cowles contributed to this story.