IW’s Doug Caskey announces retirement

Published 2:36 pm Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ISLE OF WIGHT—Isle of Wight County Administrator W. Douglas Caskey, has announced he will retire effective Tuesday, Oct. 1, ending 40 years of public service.

Doug Caskey

Doug Caskey

Caskey, 64, told The Tidewater News he began working for the county in October 1987 as director of Community Development. Six months later, he added, his title became assistant county administrator/director of Community Development.

He was named county administrator in December 1994, and has served in that capacity for nearly l9 years, making him one of the longest currently tenured county administrators in Virginia.

The county’s population has grown more than 40 percent during the past 20 years,

wrote county spokesman Don Robertson in a press release issued about the retirement Monday afternoon.

“In his role as county administrator, Caskey has been responsible for shepherding the

county’s government through a period of growth and development,” he added.

His leadership is evidenced by the national, state and regional awards presented to the county and its employees for the innovative programs implemented during his tenure, as well as the continued excellence of the county’s financial ratings,” said Robertson.

“For more than two decades Doug Caskey has led Isle of Wight with a steady hand, through good times and bad,” said JoAnn Hall, chairman of the Isle of Wight County Board of Supervisors. “His long tenure alone is a testament to his strong leadership skills, not only in our county, but in the Hampton Roads region as well.

“I, personally, have known him for over 30 years and have particularly enjoyed getting to know him better these past four years,” Hall continued. “He is a family man and an exemplary civil servant. He will be missed. Doug Caskey leaves Isle of Wight a better place for all of us.”

Two other county officials also offered their praises:

“He’s been a steady hand at the tiller the whole time, long before I got there,” said Smithfield District Supervisor Al Casteen.

He also said Caskey is well known in both the county and region, having attended many meetings that involve both areas. Further, the supervisor said he believes that presence has helped Isle of Wight County.

“I commend him for the job he’s done and for the many years of service,” said Casteen. He’s great.”

“I’ve worked for him since he came in 1987, either directly or indirectly,” said Beverly Walkup, director of Planning and Zoning. “It’s been a pleasure working with him and knowing him. I wish him the very best in his retirement.”

Caskey had only this to say about his announcement:

“It has been my profound honor to serve Isle of Wight County in this capacity, and I credit the elected leadership and the professionalism and dedication of its employees as the true merit of the county’s many accomplishments.”