A little of this, a little of that

Published 9:33 am Friday, July 19, 2013

In the midst of working on everything else for today’s edition, we here at The Tidewater News discovered Thursday the opinion page still needed more words.

Those who know me, or of me, can testify that I’m rarely at a loss for something to say. So I offered to write my column early. I might even have another one for Sunday. Lucky you.

For today, however, I just want to touch on a few matters.


Right after the July 5th hearing for Newport District Supervisor Byron “Buzz” Bailey,” I was chatting with Brenda Lee, the co-captain of committee for his recall. A woman came over to us. I heard her say she was Madge Bailey as she shook hands with Lee beside me and sweetly told her with a smile, “I’m sorry you have so much hate in your heart for my husband.”

I was stunned into silence.

Lee also was visibly taken aback, and later remarked she saw the same in my face. But she quickly recovered, asked Mrs. Bailey to repeat the comment, and then replied,

“He started it, and perhaps if he can’t stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen.”

Wow. The scene gave fresh meaning to the phrase of killing people with kindness.

All that without a drop of blood spilled.


As long as we’re in the neighborhood, you have likely read or heard that Herb DeGroft’s case has come to stop, albeit a temporary one. I admit I was hoping Judge Carl Eason would just throw the whole matter out yesterday. Safe to say, Mr. DeGroft was likely thinking the same.

Perhaps like myself you were expecting a judge would review the petition’s purpose and signatures and make a decision on the spot. Evidently the wheels of justice move differently than I imagined, and the Commonwealth Attorney gets involved to represent that matter.

Stay tuned.


During the recent joint work session of the Isle of Wight County and Town Windsor Planning Commissions, I sometimes thought the members were being a bit too particular on one issue or another. I recall now that I was just tired then.

In retrospect, I see now that it’s actually a good thing when the individuals ask detailed questions. They’re not trying to put the county staff on the spot for laughs. They have to understand how things work and what’s at stake in order to make informed decisions that will affect residents and passersby alike.


Finally, I have only three complaints about this part of Western Tidewater:

1. There’s no movie theater here.

2. There’s no movie theater here.

3. There’s no movie theater here.

Other than that, I really like this area.

Folks, what happened? I recall there was such two-screen movie house many years ago there on Armory Drive. A funeral director I knew back in the 1990s suggested we drive there see “Flatliners,” though neither of us had any idea on the plot. When it quickly became obvious that dead people were involved, my friend groaned and rolled his eyes. Seems he couldn’t get away from work no matter what. Tee hee.

If I had any business sense, I would seriously consider trying to open another movie house here but probably with only one screen. Meanwhile, I live in hope someone or some company will soon see the potential and try again.

Stephen H. Cowles is the staff writer at The Tidewater News. He can be contacted at either 562-3187 or playback58@gmail.com.