Beauty is as beauty does for Franklin

Published 10:27 am Friday, July 12, 2013

The gateway sign on Second Avenue still requires some finishing touches, such as landscaping. Once completed, however, we are sure it will serve its purpose as another welcome for visitors and residents alike.

The structure is neither large and flashy nor small and plain. Instead, it will be solid, noteworthy and attractive, much like the city itself.

Such projects are not insignificant. They’re a signal to anyone who sees them that the residents value where they live and want to invite people to visit or even live here.

The fact that so many people and organizations participated in bringing the project to fruition also speaks well.

There’s the Downtown Franklin Association, of course, and also the Department of Community Development. Particularly noteworthy is the city’s Beautification Committee. That’s not just a bunch of people planting pretty flowers, shrubs and trees. Instead, they’re concerned with creating a tasteful aesthetic, which also has a practical side. For example, passersby who see a good-looking city, town or village might be moved to stop in for a bite to eat, shop or just tour around.

Thanks also should go to CSX Transportation and the Virginia Main Street Program. Both recently presented $5,000 and $2,500 respectively, albeit in the form of super-sized checks.

The railroad company, which has a daily presence in the area, acted as good corporate citizens by providing its grant. With its gift, the VMSP lived up to its mission of improving downtowns in Virginia.

Let’s not forget the builders. Ben Powell of Lawrenceville Brick provided the bricks. Local brickmasons Alvin Walton, Dennis Holland and Manwell Picott of AW Masonry did the work along with general contractor Alvin Lee Construction. They’re the ones who’ve made it a sturdy symbol for decades to come.

Overall, we encourage the city departments, businesses and residents to continue working together in shaping Franklin as a destination worth seeing.