Mabry violates probation

Published 10:00 am Friday, July 5, 2013

COURTLAND—A Franklin man failed to convince anyone he was the victim of a practical joke, which landed him Southampton County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Travis Lamont Mabry, 35, was in the courtroom for violating terms of his parole, said Rick Francis, clerk of circuit court.

“He violated probation by not following his probation officer’s instructions and also possessing drugs,” Francis said, adding that Mabry’s test for drug use came up positive.

“In his testimony, Mabry said a family member thought it would be funny to blow marijuana smoke up his nose while asleep,” said Francis. “Judge William R. Savage was not won over.”

Instead, Savage revoked Mabry’s five years, but re-suspended them on condition of supervised probation and that he undergo an intensive substance abuse program.

Mabry had been on parole since pleading guilty Sept. 30, 2008, for the involuntary manslaughter of William Fenner in June 2007. Mabry, who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol, had crashed his car while rushing his wounded friend to the hospital. Fenner had been shot during a fight and shooting outside the Oak Tree Club on Rose Valley Road. Mabry had crashed on Armory Drive, and Fenner was thrown from the vehicle, dying from his injuries.