Praise for area students, teachers

Published 11:22 am Saturday, June 29, 2013

Once again a group of students in the area has been showcased in this newspaper for achievement and for going above and beyond the ordinary school curriculum (“Students tackle global problem,” Friday, June). This is just another in a long list of highlights from our local youth covered by the newspaper staff.

Several months ago it was the participants on the Robotics Team, Odyssey of the Mind, Dual Enrollment and Governor’s Challenge in Economics. It seems our schools are doing something right.

To meet and talk with these young people gives you faith in the future. They are bright, smart, focused and dedicated in so many ways as they work to achieve monumental goals.

The Project Pollution Preventers from JP King Jr. Middle School are working to tackle the global problem of pollution on a local scale — a daunting task. But they are more than up for the challenge. These kids are taking time after school, on weekends and during their summer holiday to work on a problem they are passionate about. They are to be commended in every way.

So too should the teachers and staff be praised and offered thanks for taking the extra time to steer these young people in the right direction, and fill their minds with great information that will help them throughout their lifetime.

Job well done by all.