Windsor council OKs Verizon tower

Published 9:47 am Friday, June 14, 2013

WINDSOR—Windsor Town Council unanimously approved a conditional permit to build a 120-foot-tall mono-pole telecommunications tower after a public hearing held during Tuesday’s regular meeting.

The town’s Planning and Zoning Administrator Dennis Carney told the council the temporary structure would be located on the same property as the existing 1,009-foot-tall radio tower.

He added that an application has already been made for a permanent tower in another location, and that issue is still under review.

Attorney Jean Mumm, representing Verizon, said the new tower would provide “seamless, high quality cell phone coverage as well as high-speed wireless service, no existing with the current antenna.”

The parcel where the tower would be located approximately 900 feet from the property line. The towers would not be readily visible because the land is heavily wooded, she added.

“It’s a win-win” for residents and the carrier,” Mumm said.

There were no residents to speak for or against that matter or the next one, which was on amendments to the Land Development Ordinance.

Council voted 5-1. Macon Edwards opposed the matter saying it would be “too hard to enforce.”

“What’s on the books doesn’t work,” said Vice Mayor Willie Garris, adding that what’s offered “can always be revised.”

The amendments are intended to “clarify prohibitions on outdoor storage of appliances, furniture and construction materials.” Further, the amended ordinance “clarifies and prohibits the parking of cars and vehicles in front of residences except in driveways or parking areas; and permits the parking of certain recreational vehicles and utility trailers in the side and rear setback areas.”