Congratulations to local scholarship recipients

Published 1:21 pm Saturday, June 8, 2013

Parents and students in the area who have been awarded scholarships recently to help pay for further education in college, university and trade schools should be congratulated. Daily photos and articles are submitted to The Tidewater News touting these worthwhile community organizations that offer such scholarships. In fact some are still yet to be awarded and graduating seniors who qualify can still submit application.

In these hard economic times, a scholarship is so helpful in paying for books and fees that can indeed add up once a student reaches that level of education. Not only do community groups offer such financial help but there are many other scholarships available, it just takes time and effort to research them. Parents of students now in their freshman year of high school should take note of the local ones being offered to seek access by the time your student reaches their senior year. Now is the time to plan ahead and look for future opportunity to assist your child reach their full potential.