Work, not wishes, could cure cancer

Published 10:01 am Friday, June 7, 2013

“Wishing Upon a Cure” was the theme last weekend at the Franklin/Southampton Relay For Life. But no one who’s ever been involved with the annual fundraiser just sits around waiting for someone else to do the work. Nor do they expect cancer will magically disappear by mere desire.

Instead, the women and men, boys and girls who participated have been busy for months by holding all sorts of fundraisers and activities to raise awareness of the national program.

The same is true for the Isle of Wight/Surry Relay For Life. Even before the 11-hour event started, the 55 teams from those two counties had already raised $117,429.44. They’ll continue to generate contributions through Aug. 31.

All this goes to helping the American Cancer Society with education about and research for the myriad forms that cancer can take in our lives.

Who are these people regularly devoting so much time, money and energy to Relays? They’re loved ones and friends, neighbors and co-workers whose lives have in one way or another been affected by cancer. They’re you.

All are determined to help find successful treatments or even – dare to dream – cures.

That can’t happen without you.