Land Transfers

Published 9:36 am Friday, June 7, 2013

City of Franklin Land Transfers, May 2013


Jeffrey D & Dodie C Thompson to Daniel S & Jill N Dillon

501 Vaughan’s Lane, $230,000.00


Professional Foreclosure Corp to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

112 Pocahontas Street, $228,218.51


H S B C Bank to Weinberg Properties LLC

300 South High Street, $55,299.00


Evans & Bryant PLC; Tr to Virginia Housing Development Authority

121 Bobwhite Lane, $125,375.00


Mortgage Loan Services Inc. to B W & T Property LLC

Lot 11 Gardner Street, $3000.00


Metlife Home Loans to Franklin Realty Ventures LLC

1305 Mariner Street, $29,500.00


Professional Foreclosure Corp to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

403 South High St, $202,350.39


Steven E & Rhonda A Stewart to Matthew David Stephany

400 Meadow Lane, $201,000.00


Tom C. Smith, Trustee to MGM, LLC

1113 Clay Street, $35000.00


Nectar Projects Inc., Trustee to U S Bank National Assoc.

406 Chestnut Street, $78,994.84


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC

104 Willis Road, $243,517.27


Edgar F & Shelby J Parker to Coleman R & Sherren S Holland

905 North High Street, $270,000.00


Randall P Morin to Amanda M Snow & John Robert Waechter

121 Parks Place, $285,000.00


Samuel I White P C; Tr to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

1604 South Street, $82,843.00


Kaye W Story, Executor to Terry L Barden

120 Country Club Road, $100,000.00


Southampton County Land Transfers, May 2013

Berlin-Ivor District


Wells Fargo Bank to Blue Investment Group LLC

7452 Proctors Bridge, $15,500.00


Samuel I White PC; Tr to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp

36281 Seacock Chapel Rd, $148,750.00


Clarance J & Debra Whisenant to Jonathan & Stephanie Marshall

2.783 ac on New Road, $27,000.00


Peggy L Davis & H Garland Lowe to Gary Cross

3.314 ac in Berlin-Ivor Dist, $43,000.00


Mortgage Loan Services to T L Bain LLLP

34.1 ac in Town of Ivor, $17,550.00

Boykins District


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Person Investment Group LLC

17421 Green St, $10,000.00


James F Modlin, etals to James F & Carolyn C Modlin

83 ac in Boykins Dist, $90000.00

Capron District


Fannie Mae to Brandon W Cook

.617 ac at 16426 Southampton Pkwy, $16,500.00


Maria B Vargo to Matthew C Benson & Clint D Robertson

35 ac & 1.05 ac 22743 Meherrin Rd, $100,000.00


Samuel I White, PC Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Assoc

23016 Main Street, $400,683.00

Drewryville District


Dennis P & Carla G Marshall to Bryan D & Jamie Vanlandingham

Lot on Hwy 612, $3,500.00


Professional Foreclosure Corp to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

26273 Fox Branch Rd, $236,509.02


Penny E Rhinehart & Janet G Whitehead to Roy Lee Gaynor, Jr

Parcels in Drewryville Dist, $1100.00


Franklin District


Michael B & Krystyn L Goodwin to Thomas L & Sharon C Boze

18130 Harris Road, $229,100.00


Linda E Wigandt to Jennifer R Cutright

23157 Calvin Drive, $155,000.00


JP Morgan Chase Bank to Phillip G George

22473 Homestead Lane, $120,000.00


Jerusalem District


George T. Kitchen, Jr Executor to Donald J & Rebecca H Lee

22351 Robertson St, $173,500.00


Bronco Federal Credit Union to Ricky Taylor

22083 Aurora St, $20,000.00


Commonwealth Trustees LLC to JPMorgan Chase Bank

22093 Main St, $109,187.00


C & H General Contracting Inc to Wilbert Williams, Jr

24395 Greenhead Rd, $6,500.00


John D Kreech & Vivian Ann Kreig to Erik L Neave

30153 Country Club Rd, $65,000.00


Phillip W Draper to Warren A & Linda D Simmons

26426 Old Plank Rd, $100,000.00


Bank of New York Mellon to Sparkmaster 5 Co LLC

Lot in Village of Sedley, $34,750.00


Newsoms District


Elois M Anderson and Norman M. Anderson to Granger & Katie Flythe

Lot in Newsoms District, $28,000.00


Earnest Junior Pope to Willie Lee Pope

1 ac in Newsoms Dist, $800.00