Be careful with cigarettes

Published 9:53 am Friday, June 7, 2013

To the Editor:

Yesterday afternoon, (June 4, 2013) my great-granddaughter was hurt while riding with her mother between Food Lion and McDonald’s on Armory Drive. At two and a half months old, there is no way she has any enemies and I for one can’t call it an accident. I guess I should be more forgiving, but right now I’m not in a forgiving mood. My “HEART” was riding in her car seat and one of the windows of the vehicle was open. Some thoughtless individual flipped a cigarette out his window and it flew through the window of the car Maddyson Dunlow was riding. The lit cigarette came to rest in the car seat where it preceded to burn through her dress.

Her mother, Jessica Bradshaw, hearing the child scream promptly pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot. Upon checking the child she found burns on both Maddyson’s thigh and arm.

Now I know the person who did this will probably never know what he did to an innocent little girl, and chances are good he doesn’t even read The Tidewater News. I can only pray that the smokers that do read it will be careful in the future when extinguishing their BUTTS!!! This time it was only a few minor burns, but it could have caused a chain reaction that led to a loss of life!!!!

Richard Benn