Hitting targets to determine the shooter

Published 10:24 am Friday, May 24, 2013

To the Editor:

Whenever I want to trace a leak I would think the only accurate method is to put the trace tools to work on ALL Possible Sources … not the suspected targets. Let me get this right. It’s the origin of the leak we desire isn’t it?

Would I pour water into the small end of a funnel? Would I look at all 100 targets on a firing line to see it any have been hit to determine where the shooter was? Why in the world would it make sense to trap all communications devices, e-mails, Phone logs, blogs, and web sites etcetera to locate a source? Why does the Attorney General initiate draconian action and then recuse himself. This news leak fiasco appears bass ackwards to me.

Following this outrageous action by the Attorney General we have the surprise of surprises; the IRS fesses up to bully behavior intimidating organizations and taxpayers. Then, three days later, President Obama is surprised !!! He said he only heard about it in the papers the other day.

What in the world was Secretary of the treasury Tim Geithner doing as he met with his top management IRS people since 2010? Of course we still have many unanswered questions regarding Benghazi. We can talk about that later; it will still be an active topic.

The administration shouts; all is under investigation. Is it duplicity, is it gross mismanagement, is the Administration once again showing their naiveté on all aspects of management? Wake up folks; this ride is only just beginning.

John Murphy