Police Log

Published 10:21 am Friday, May 17, 2013

Southampton County Sheriff’s Department

May 15

Intimidation, at Sandy Ridge Road

Rescue call, at Vicksville Road

Alarm, at Freemans Road

Livestock, on highway at Sedley Road

Traffic hazard, at 58WB/Medicine Springs Road

Alarm ,at Medicine Springs Road

Motor vehicle accident, at Southampton/Sussex line

Rescue call, at Country Club Road

Suspicious person, at Mill Neck Road

Destruction/damage/vandalism, at No. 8 Schoolhouse Road

Brush/woods fire, at General Thomas and Cross

Reckless Driver, at 58 Buckhorn Quarter

Credit card/auto teller machine, at Delaware Road

Motor vehicle accident, at Rock Spring Road and Newton Drive

Assist motorist, at 58/Adams Grove

Alarm, at Popes Station Road

Brush/woods fire, at Broadwater Road

Structure fire, at Broadwater Road

Assist motorist, at 58

Domestic trouble at R&B Drive

Disturbance, at Main Street and Ballpark