A party fifty years in the making

Published 10:01 am Wednesday, May 15, 2013

For fifty years they’ve lit the cookers on the third Wednesday in May. And today, for the fiftieth time, folks will line up early, stay late and otherwise thoroughly enjoy the Hunterdale Ruritan Western Beef Barbeque.

The gathering, which for many years now has taken place at the Bronco Club along the shores of the Nottoway River, has long been a springtime staple of Western Tidewater’s social calendar. The mood and the music are always fun. The weather, unlike last year, is usually fantastic. There is almost always enough in the way of beverages to keep you from getting thirsty. And apparently, although some of us wouldn’t know because 7 p.m. always seems to catch us off guard, the barbecue is pretty good too.

But what’s most important to remember about this annual event, and often gets lost because the party itself is so much fun, is that a lot of money is raised in the name of supporting good local causes. From scholarships to Relay for Life to the Hunterdale Volunteer Fire Department, many organizations benefit greatly from the hard work that goes into making the Beef Barbeque such a good time. It’s an event that we’re proud to promote and support every year, and one that makes life in Western Tidewater what it is. It’s pretty noteworthy that it’s been taking place for fifty years now. We wish the Hunterdale Ruritans the best of luck on fifty more.