Planting for peanuts, cotton down this season

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, May 8, 2013


COURTLAND—Southampton County Extension Agent Chris Drake has reported that planting for peanuts in the county may be down as much as 35 percent because so many are still in circulation. There were 6,824 acres planted last year, and now may be down to 5,000 acres.

Cotton was at 33,920 acres in 2012, and may be down 10 to 15 percent with 28,000 to 30,000 acres planted this year.

Wheat, which will be harvested in a few weeks, is up nearly 70 percent from 8,523 acres last year to 14,472 acres this year.

Soybean acreage may be up 25 percent with cotton and full-season soybeans competing for acreage.

Corn production is about the same as last year, with a shade under 10,000 acres.

According to the National Weather Service, no predictions can be made about what to expect this summer. Forecasts can be made 30 days into the future, but only seven days accurately.