Combining Inspections Department was not well thought out

Published 11:49 am Saturday, May 4, 2013

To the Editor:

I am writing concerning the recent combining of the Franklin and Southampton Departments of Community Development, and more specifically the inspections staff. Recently Franklin inspectors have taken over inspections in Southampton, this has become the most unorganized and misled local government staff I have yet to encounter.

Recently I had two Franklin inspectors on one of my jobs and one was asked if the job passed he said, “I don’t know you’ll have to ask him (pointing to the other inspector)”. Then once again on another job I was asked to produce many items of documentation that were not asked for during the permitting process. The Franklin inspector requested this information, when asked why he responded, “I don’t know” then when asked if he had ever read this type of report he said, “ I’ve never even seen one before”.

When asked if the job could proceed we were told that would be up to the Southampton Inspector, and when contacted he said, “No it will be up to the Franklin inspector”.

So long story short I would like the following questions answered so that we know who to contact in case the inspectors don’t know.

Who is the director of the department?

Will there be one building official for both localities?

Why aren’t these staff familiar with the information that they are requesting?

So far it seems that this was not a well thought out move.

Winston Johnson
Courtland, Va.