We are better because we have prayed together

Published 11:30 am Saturday, April 27, 2013

To the Editor:

If you follow the sound of the trumpet on Thursday evening, May 2nd, you will end up at Franklin Armory Field Stadium where our local National Day of Prayer Rally is being held at 7:00 p.m. In Psalm 47:5, the Scripture states, “God has gone up with a shout; the Lord with the sound of a trumpet.” So, a trumpeter will help lead worship and celebrate the goodness of God as people gather to seek the Lord on behalf of our nation.

It is my privilege to extend a hearty invitation to everyone in our community to come together for this grand occasion. Our national theme for this 62nd National Day of Prayer is “Pray for America”. Again this year, our local rally will focus on our children and the generational blessings of the Lord. A children’s ensemble will be singing and young people will be participating in prayer segments as well. As always, we want to use this occasion to thank our public servants for their sacrifices. We are asking people to wear patriotic red, white and blue colors for the event. Dads and moms, bring your children for this memorable occasion.

For the eighth year at the Armory Field Stadium, we are preparing to honor the Lord as our community comes together to observe our National Day of Prayer. The Armory Field Stadium is a place that is renowned for touchdowns. Well, we believe that the Holy Spirit wants to “touch down” upon our community and upon this nation. We anticipate fifty churches to be enthusiastically represented. We are better because we have prayed together. When God’s people cry out, heaven responds. See you at the rally.

Rev. David S. Dillon
Local National Day of Prayer
Steering Committee