Published 10:03 am Friday, April 26, 2013


SHUNTAE PERSON, 25, assault and battery

WENDELL BOWSER III, 31, felony bad check, obtain money by false pretense

L-SHONDA D. BOWERS, 20, leave the scene of an accident, suspended drivers license

ZAYONA EDWARDS, 19, allow dog to run at large

STEVEN GABRIEL MONTANO, 30, rape, 2 counts of rape by force, threat or intimidation, abduction with the intent to defile, assault and battery, animate object sexual penetration by force or threat, 6 counts of aggravated sexual battery, produce or make child pornography

ANTHONY G. FULGHAM, 19, carnal knowledge of a child 13-14 years of age, sodomy, sexual contact with an underage child

WOODROW WILSON, 55, assault and battery

JOSEPH A. CARTER, 28, reckless driving

JUMEL D. RUFFIN, 27, 2 counts distribution of cocaine

CALVIN W. COSBY, 49, trespassing

RYAN M. JOHNSON, 28, grand larceny

MARGIE A. JOHNSON, 42, driving while intoxicated

CALVIN JOHNSON JR., 25, capias

LAJOYCE SKINNER, 30, harassment by computer

WANDA BOONE, 55, assault and battery

KIERA L. BOONE, 19, trespass by computer

LEROY JUNIOR RAWLES, 45, no driver’s license, reckless driving

DAVID A. VANDERBURG, 31, 2 counts grand larceny, 2 counts intent to sell stolen property